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Episode 5×04: Whose dog is this?

Columbian dog role was played byAt first, I thought it was Alex O’s dog, Dusty. Upon further viewing it is not Dusty. Any ideas whose dog it is?

Happy Birthday!!! The FUCUPs would love to jump out of Alex’s birthday cake…. or would we like Alex to jump out of ours? Hmmm….

Originally posted on Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study:
? We have done posts of Alex´s roles in the past, but it´s been a while. We thought it might be a good idea to celebrate his career again, as part of our birthday celebration for him. First we have young NIDA graduate Alex, practicing his…

World’s youngest honorary FUCUP?

Who wouldn’t want to be held in his arms and soothed…. just sayin’


Women of any age cannot resist his charms, the FLR!


(Gifs borrowed from Thank you Paula & Foyeur!)

A thought on REAL LIFE……..

A thought on REAL LIFE........

Drop the towel, and no one gets hurt!

    Is this heaven? Yes, it’s Alex in a towel on my screen! Let the nud!ty commence! FUCUPs! All our dreams are coming true! #8 BABY! For me and you!


H50BAMF Tumblr

Why yes I believe it is!!


McGarrett at the door in a towel


he knows what the fans want.  From @PLenkov twitter

Thanks for heads up @HeyMomo

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Happy Birthday @FO_Yeur

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You my darling are one of my most cherished friends.
I am so glad that we met, and even if we never meet
in person, know that I love you dearly…….

Now for your inappropriate Birthday Gift!

Rieta Birthday


Sign me up, please!


Happy Birthday Paula!!!

Happy Birthday Paula!!!

THE *BIG* REVEAL for JUSTINE’s Birthday!!!

Sarcastic!Alex! that FLR has always known exactly what gets our motors revving! Inspired by a rediscovery of this quote on AOL INTENSE STUDY Month of Mick, straight from his lips to fangirl ears (or other parts south): “I myself get very nude and kill people in every episode and have absolutely no issue.”


Happy Birthday @HeyD50

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You missed your chance Hooker!!!

You missed your chance Hooker!!!